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The six phases of Design and Construction you listed are mostly associated with a single delivery method, Design, Bid, Build (DBB). This is the least successful method for a Construction Owner to maximize their investment. It turns out that designing the whole project without engaging Trade Partners and the General Contractor to verify cost, availability, and compatibility of design elements doesn’t actually get you the best product. Who woulda thunk it? This is a huge reason why 75%+ of construction projects don’t finish on time and at budget. IPD for example doesn’t typically use the SD, DD & CD phases of Design. There are typically several phases of Construction also, depending on what you are building.

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Hey Brian! Thanks for pointing that out. The SD/ DD/ CD is the traditional process. But it’s still the most commonly used process. Like anything there’s a dozen ways to skin the cat and there’s not a one size fits all delivery method. (Enough cliches?) I think it’s a good idea for a future newsletter to explain the different delivery methods.

I’ve never actually seen a true IPD project. Maybe it just hasn’t caught on where I’m located. There’s a lot of CMAR around here which gets your Contractor (and potentially some trade partners) involved during design. CMAR still uses the SD/ DD/ CD phases though and they still have a bidding phase. Actually 2. Once to find a CM and then for the subs.

I’d be interested to see a breakdown of popularity of different delivery methods.

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