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The Business Athlete

CM Mentors Ep 18 w/ Alexander Fichera

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The CM Mentors Podcast is an informative, entertaining, and interactive experience for construction managers by construction managers. Each week, Matt Graves of Construction Yeti and Kyle Grandell of Dell Management have an Industry Expert Guest and have a conversation about a construction project management-specific topic and career guidance. While the target audience is Entry to Mid-level construction professionals, the conversations hold value for every experience level. The format is split between a normal Podcast discussion with the guest, Kyle, & Matt, and an open Q&A with the Live Audience. For more information on the podcast, the upcoming guest recording schedule, learn how to be in the Live Audience/ Q&A, and subscribe to the Construction Curiosities Newsletter head to: https://constructionyeti.substack.com/
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In Episode 18 of The CM Mentors Podcast, Matt Graves and Kyle Grandell chat with Alexander Fichera. Alex is the Owner & Business Anthropologist of Intuito Group and now the author of “The Business Athlete” which was released on June 1, 2023.

Alex is our first 2 time guest but when we found out he was dropping a book, we just had to get him back on the podcast to talk about the topics of the book and more. Including:

  • Energy Management

  • The Power of Brand Consciousness and Your Digital Footprint

  • Tips for the Next Generation

  • How Personal Life Improvements will Improve your Professional Life

  • Strategies for Coaches to Give Feedback without appearing as a Micromanager

  • Resilience

Check out the book here: “The Business Athlete”

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About Alexander:

Alexander Fichera is a former pro-athlete and an internationally recognized executive coach, leadership consultant, and speaker. With over two decades of experience working with top-tier executives across the globe, Alexander has honed a unique approach to leadership - encapsulated in his breakthrough book, "The Business Athlete." Leveraging his extensive knowledge of business dynamics, human psychology, and the core principles of physical and mental endurance, he has developed transformative strategies to help professionals navigate today's challenging business landscape. His innovative teachings have transformed careers, cultures, and companies, cementing his reputation as a guiding force for ambitious leaders.

To Connect with Alex:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexanderjfichera/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexander_fichera/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bizathlete