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Is Construction Adapting to Gen Z?

Is Construction Adapting to Gen Z?

CM Mentors Ep 34 w/ Evan Oates

In Episode 34 of The CM Mentors Podcast, Matt Graves and Kyle Grandell chat with Evan Oates, Vice President at EOS Builders, LLC.

Topics Include:

  • EOS Internship Program

  • What a Project Engineer can expect on Day 1

  • Teaching the Basics First

  • Concentrating on Soft Skills First

  • Kyle Bails on the Meme Game

  • Innovation Possibilities to Help the Workforce Gap

Watch the interview on YouTube:

About Evan:

Evan Oates is a seasoned construction manager with over 20 years of industry experience of successful project completion. Evan’s experience is diverse including the management of multi family, commercial, institutional and government projects. Evan has key experience in the administration of projects resulting from surety bond claims and expertise in all phases of project administration.

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